Premier Girls’ Furisode Kimono Plan|Kimono Miyabi【Asakusa・Ueno・Kyoto】

In Japanese traditional culture, there is a festival for boys aged 3 and 5, and girls aged 3 and 7 is called shichi-go-san (seven-five-three).Furisode kimono is a formal dress in Japanese traditional so girls in 3years old and 7years old will wear girls’ furisode and go to the temple to celebrate their birthday year. It has the meaning of thanking god for letting their little kids grow up heavily. If your girls are already 3 or older, they must wear it once otherwise when they grow up they will miss the chance to wear these cute clothes!

*Our girls’ furisode kimonos range from 115cm to 140cm.*

Plan includes: Premier girl’s furisode kimono, premier girl’s furisode kimono underwear, premier girl’s furisode kimono socks, premier girl’s furisode kimono belt, premier girl’s furisode kimono belt accessories, premier girl’s furisode kimono shoes,premier girl’s furisode kimono handbags, simple hair setup, simple hair accessories

+1,000 JPY for upgrade to  premier hair styling service

Online payment Only 7,000 yen(Tax containing taxes)