Kimono rental FAQ|kimono miyabi

- About dressing -

Can we bring our own kimono for the dressing service?
sorry we don’t have this service
What is the kimono size available for children?
We offer children’s kimono from 95 cm to 140cm.
Do pregnant women wear kimono?
As we have to fix the kimono on the body with strings, they must be tightened to prevent the outfit from moving, especially the area around the waist. Consider the safety of the pregnant women and the baby, we advise her to come after giving birth.
Can we come without taking anything?
"Customer service Xiaoya Yes, no problem, we can provide every garment and accessory you need for kimono or yukata. "
Can hair accessory be rented alone?
Yes, accessories can be rented separately. For customer choosing our hair styling service, the rental fee for hair accessory is already included.
How long does it take for dressing up?
Normally it takes 20 minutes for female customers, and 10 minutes for male customers. It will take an extra 15 minutes if you need hair styling.

- About return -

What should I do if I damaged the rented items?
For damages within normal repair and laundry, no extra cost is needed. If the item is damaged in a manner which is non-reusable, extra charge is needed depending on different items. Thank you for your understanding.
What should I do if I missed the returning time or have to rent overnight?
If customer cannot return the kimono on the same day, they can add an extra 1,000 JPY and extend the rental period to 11am on the next day.

- About rental -

How long is the rental period?
Our regular rental period is 9am to 5pm, but we may adjust the time according to different occasions with further notice.
When is the final reception time?
Our final reception time is 4pm. However, after the customer has dressed up, he/she has only 30 minutes before the 5pm returning time. For those who are renting overnight, we will serve them anytime before 5pm. The time maybe adjusted according to different occasions, please contact us if you have any worry.
Do I have to pay any attention of the size?
Our service is available for those with hip size under 110cm, and also children over 95 cm.
Can I pay by credit card?
You can use a credit card when you make an apponintment on the officail website and only accept cash on site, so be sure to get ready before you come.
I have made an appointment and have completed the payment but I can’t go to the store now. Can I apply for a refund?
"After the payment is completed, you can apply for a refund in three days before the day appointed before. If you apply for a refund in three days before the appointed day, we shall not offer you the refund unless there are irresistible factors such as natural disasters.

- Other demands -

Can you help to take care of my changed clothes?
Of course. We provide a free storage space for you to put your personal belongings, and the Tokyo branches provide lockers for storage, even you have a big suitcase, the storage service is free for you!
What should we pay attention when wearing kimonos in winter times?
We offer undergarment beneath the kimono, but to keep yourself warm, please prepare a low-collar undergarment. For bottom parts, please wear footless leggings or strirrup leggings instead of tights, as you will be putting on tabi socks.
1.卒業式袴ご予約の場合一切割引併用できません。 2.卒業式袴ご予約の場合ぜひ一度ご来店下見をしていただきたいです。 3.下見で袴をお決まりになりましたら、その場で10000円前払金をお支払お願い致します。 4.卒業式袴の場合着付時間は7:30から可能です、7:30からの場合早退料金頂ません。 7:30より早い時間ご希望の場合、一名様30分ごとに3000円料金頂ます。 5.キャンセルしたい場合卒業式の14日前にご連絡お願い致します。14日前でしたら、10000円前払金全額返金致します。14日以内キャンセル希望の場合前払金返金致しません。ご了承ください。 6.袴配達レンタルご希望の場合事前にお問い合わせください
1.成人式振袖ご予約の場合一切割引併用できません。 2.成人式振袖ご予約の場合ぜひ一度ご来店下見をしていただきたいです。 3.下見で振袖をお決まりになりましたら、その場で10000円前払金をお支払お願い致します。 4.成人式振袖の場合着付時間は7:30から可能です、7:30からの場合早退料金頂ません。 7:30より早い時間ご希望の場合、一名様30分ごとに3000円料金頂ます。 5.キャンセルしたい場合成人式の14日前にご連絡お願い致します。14日前でしたら、10000円前払金全額返金致します。14日以内キャンセル希望の場合前払金返金致しません。ご了承ください。 6.振袖配達レンタルご希望の場合事前にお問い合わせください