asakusa・ueno・kyoto kimono rental shop|kimono miyabi 's Rental System

1 Reservation

Click the orange “Online reservation from here” button and follow the steps. You will receive a confirmation mail with the date, time and details about your reservation after the deposit paid successfully. There is also another credit card receipt mail after we double confirmed the payment.

2 Arrive on time

Please arrive at the branch on time. Show the reservation mail to our reception staff and we will introduce the kimono that you have booked online. You can choose the kimono and the belt that you like.

3 Complete payment and go changing

After you choose the kimono and the belt, please find our reception staff to confirm the package and pay the down payment. After that, our staff will guide you to the Ladies/ Men changing room for changing.

4 Storage

We have prepared lockers and storage bags for you to keep your luggages while you are having fun in kimono. Please remember to lock your locker and zip the storage bag and keep the locker key or storage bag’s number card very carefully. We will charge 1,000 yen if you lose the key or the card. *If you have big luggages such as a suitcase or a baby car, please let us know before you come.*

5 Changing

After locking up your belongings, our kimono stylists will help you to change kimono and do the hair style and makeup if you have reservated the makeup service.

6 Pick up accessories

After finishing changing, please choose a japanese handbag for taking valuables and things you want to bring out on the day. You can also take come of props that we prepared to make your kimono day more fun!

7 Go out and have fun

You are ready to go out and enjoy your kimono day! Have fun visiting tourist spots and taking pretty pictures with your family and friends!

8 Returing

Please do not forget to come back to the branch before 5pm for returning and changing. If you have any events that need to extend the rental time, you only need to pay 1,000 yen more than you can return the kimono and accessories on the next day before 11am.