asakusa・ueno・kyoto kimono rental shop|kimono miyabi 's Rental System

1 Online reservation

Fill in the reservation form on the page. After the appointment is completed, we will send you a reservation letter to your mailbox. If you use online payment, you will receive another payment confirmation letter.

2 Go to the store on time

"Visit our shop on your booking date and confirm the booking details with our reception staff. Our staff will introduce the kimono pieces available on the day, then you can pick your most suitable piece out of our wide range of choice. Japanese is always saying ‘the encounter with kimono’, do not hesitate if you think you have found your piece! "

3 Confirm the booking again

After choosing the kimono, go to the counter to confirm the plan and other services. After that, the staff will guide you to the men’s or women’s changing room for your dressing!

4 Luggage storage

There is storage space in the changing room. After entering the room, you can put your clothes and luggages in the locker or put them into the storage bag. Please lock the locker and keep your key carefully or remember your storage bag number.

5 Dress up kimono

Your kimono experience starts now, our experts will dress you in kimono with appropriate makeup and hairstyle. You can experience the whole Japanese makeover process.

6 Pick your accessories

After the dressing up, take your personal belongings with you to the accessory area and pick your favourite handbag. For cooler days, you can even choose from different capes. We offers paper umbrella and folding fans as photo props too.

7 Enjoy your trip in kimono

Your kimono look is finished, take photos or go sightseeing in your new style!

8 Returning the kimono

You can return the kimono to our shop anytime you like before 5:00pm. If you cannot bear to part with our kimono, except for silk kimonos which must return on the same day, with just 1,000 JPY, you can extend the return time to the next day before 11am.

9 Check-in Discount

You must take a lot of beautiful photos while wearing kimono right? Remember to join our “Check-in” activities! We have ready some small gifts or discounts for you. Don't forget to get your discount from the staff at counter!