furisode kimono|Kimono Miyabi【Asakusa・Ueno・Kyoto】

If you are on a looser budget, or going to attend an important occasion, we can offer a higher standard of furisode kimono. They are made from high-quality silk with traditional gold foiling and hand-crafted embroidery. Each piece of kimono is a single artwork. The kimono will goes with selected decorative accessories for a formal and luxury look, you will feel like the deluxe experience of Japanese noble family. Luxury silk furisode is perfect for coming-of-age ceremony, or ceremony portraits of lifetime events.

 Plan includes:Luxury furisode kimono, hadajuban, socks, juban, obi, formal obijime, shiborizome obiage, dateeri, formal sandals, formal handbag, decorative hair accessory, formal hair accessory

Hair styling service included 

Online payment Only 72,000 yen(Tax containing taxes)