Hakama|Kimono Miyabi【Asakusa・Ueno・Kyoto】

The combination of 2 feet sleeves kimono and hakama is the best way to bring out your youthfulness. Hakama is the Japanese female student uniform in the Meiji period, it best represent the Taisho romance style. It is the the bachelor's gown for modern Japanese female graduates, they will be dressed in hakama on their graduation day. Hakama is easier to move around than general kimonos, which make it great for sightseeing. You can choose to match hakama with our sandals or boots of your own.

Plan includes:
2 feet sleeves kimono, hadajuban, socks, juban, half-width obi, andon bakama, sandals, handbag, decorative hair accessory

Hair styling service included  

Online payment Only 20,000 yen(Tax containing taxes)